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Help to combat cold or noise problems with our secondary units

Custombuilt Joinery are pleased to offer a full range of secondary glazing units, fitted neatly inside existing windows these units will offer excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Great for beating the cold and draughts, and for eliminating traffic noise, available in a range of designs and finishes to meet all needs, give our specially trained staff a call to discuss your requirements

Heritage Secondary Double Glazing Units

Heritage Secondary Double Glazing Units are made to measure and fits behind any existing windows, fitted behind existing sash and case windows can be effective in reducing or eliminating unwanted noise, draughts, dust, heat loss, and condensation

In reducing or eliminating unwanted noise, draughts, dust, heat loss, and condensation can be fitted with double or single glazing giving high performance

Ventilation is easy by means of the tilt and turn sash mechanism shown in the (tilt position optional)

Access is easy to the existing window frames by means of the tilt and turn sash mechanism (closed). Access to window is easy by means of the tilt and turn sash mechanism shown in the (turn position)

Vertically Sliding Secondary Glazing Units

Made for insulating sash windows stops draughts noise and heat loss all in one go (closed position)

Standard power coated finish in white, silver, brown, golden oak wood grain will last indefinitely

The balanced vertical slider with (optional) 180' tilt sash for cleaning and fire escape (open position)

Standard Hinged Secondary Glazed Units

Reasonably priced performance secondary glazing can be hinged to the top or side of the frames

Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing Units

Genarlly available in 2, 3, 4, & 5 panel versions brass rollers & twin brush seals enseres performance

Sash Windows Upgrade Restoration or New Build

Sealed unit double glazing can be fitted to your old sash windows cost effective and performs well

Standard lift out and fixed insert Secondary Glazed Units

Economically priced lift out and fixed insert units are the most cost effective type secondary glazing

Bespoke and Special Secondary Glazed Units

Half arched head Gothic arch circular curved frame shaped frame raked head etc. secondary glazing

Sash Window Replace Repair and Restoration or New Build

Draught proofing and sealing sash windows is economical and effective

Secondary Glazing Windows

Works well to reduce stop noise, draughts, heat loss and condensation forming on the inside of the surface of the window panes

Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing

Shown in the open posion for easy access to the primary window

Secondary Glazing for Sash Windows

Retains heat at a fraction of the price if new windows.

Sealed Units

We offer a choice of two double glazed sealed units, both of which meet current EU building requirements for new builds and replacement windows as well as satisfying BS 5713. Additionally, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes for you to choose from.

Double Glazed Sealed Unit 1

Double Glazed Sealed Unit 1

  • Overall Unit Size – 24mm

  • 16mm Spacer Bar between the Panes

  • Inner Pane – Hard Coat Low E Glass

  • U-Value – 1.7

Double Glazed Sealed Unit 2

Double Glazed Sealed Unit 2

  • Overall Unit Size – 20mm

  • 12mm Spaced Bar between the Panes

  • Inner Pane – Hard Coat Low E Glass

  • Argon Gas Filled

  • U-Value – 1.6

Benefits of Double Glazing

Benefits of Double Glazing

  • Increase the Value of Your Home

  • Keep Your Home Warmer in the Winter and Cooler in the Summer

  • Conserve Heat and Reduce Energy Bills

  • Relatively Low Maintenance

  • Improved Noise Insulation

  • Increased Security

  • Protection from Sun Damage and Fading

Secondary Double Glazing

Custombuilt Joinery Limited provides a comprehensive range of secondary double glazing directly from our factory. Saving you the expense of new replacement windows, secondary glazing fits neatly behind your existing windows and have numerous benefits, such as:

Secondary Double Glazing

  • Eliminating Draughts and Heat Loss

  • Reducing Noise

  • Reducing Dust

  • Reducing Condensation by up to 90%

Whether you want us to supply windows or fit them as well, we provide a wide range of secondary window systems. These will fit behind most window and door applications, including:

Secondary Double Glazing 1

  • Tilt and Turn

  • Hinged

  • Sliding

  • Fixed

As leading providers and installers based in Glasgow, we provide window frames in slimline aluminium with a variety of colours and finishes, including white, brown, silver, and wood grains. Subject to the usual considerations of functionality and building regulations, we manufacture bespoke secondary glazing units with a variety of features, including:

Secondary Double Glazing 2

  • Curves in the Face Elevation

  • Curves in the Plan Elevation

  • Semi-Circular

  • Circular

  • Elizabethan Arched Heads

  • Gothic Arched Heads

  • Triangular

  • Trapezoid

  • Out of Square

  • Fly Screens

  • Trickle Vents

  • Specialist Glasses and Film Applications

 Contact our double glazing specialists in Glasgow, Lanarkshire today, for more information about double glazed windows.

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