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Producing High-Quality Wooden Windows in Glasgow

Manufacturing wooden windows in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, we provide a vital part of the fight against cold and damp living conditions. Wood is a natural insulator, which is why window manufacturing services from Custombuilt Joinery Limited are designed to help people save energy and lower heating costs. From timber window frames to sash windows, our experience indicates that wooden frames have a greater impact on efficiency in new housing than almost any other building component.

High Performance

The relative cost of energy is going up all the time. Offering reasonable prices, we guarantee that our high-performance wooden window frames will seem like a bargain in a few years’ time. By using wood as opposed to metal, we eliminate the so-called “cold bridge”, which occurs when a heat-conducting material perforates the external insulation of a building, causing:

High Performance

  • Lower Internal Temperature

  • Substantial Heat Loss

  • More Condensation on the Frame

With the frame accounting for about 20% of the surface area of the window, cold bridges cause significant heat loss in your home. Eliminate this problem by choosing our company to deliver excellent manufacturing and installation services.

A full range of specially manufactured timber windows are available, including side and top hung casement designs, reversible easy clean designs, and georgian paned designs. All options can be copied from original windows, or specially designed to your own detail

Reversible Windows

Custombuilt Joinery Limited also manufactures reversible windows, otherwise known as top swing windows. With a full range of custom options available for you, these are especially useful for upper floor windows and high-rise apartments.

Casement Windows

As manufacturing joiners, we are able to provide window patterns of all sizes in either softwood and hardwood. Tailoring our services to your needs, we produce wooden casement windows in any height, width, or section, as far as opening sash size restrictions allow. If your preferred pattern is not shown below, don’t worry – our flexible team make all kinds of custom windows on request.

A Fitting Choice

In addition to producing highly efficient products from top quality materials, we offer a variety of colours and finishes for you to choose from. With a huge array of options available, you’re sure to find the ideal choice for your property. We also provide a full fitting service once your window frames are complete.

 Contact us today, in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, for further information about wooden window manufacture.