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Wooden Window Manufacturers Traditional sash windows in the progress of being installed be specialist timber window manufacturers tailoring to suit your needs!

Being Wooden Window Manufacturers Wood is a Natural Insulator say Custombuilt Joinery Limited

A leader in across Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland Custombuilt Joinery Limited being wooden window manufacturers understand that wood windows play a vital role in the fight against cold and damp living conditions. Wooden windows such as timber sash windows is a natural insulator and contributes much more than many people realise to energy saving and lower heating costs. The use of Custombuilt Joinery Limited high performance timber sash windows in new housing can have a greater impact on comfort and lower heating costs than almost any other building component.

Providing High Performance Windows Timber Sash Windows

High performanc timber sash windows are available across Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland from Custombuilt Joinery Limited providing quality assured timber sash windows are cost effective now and they are going to seem like the bargain of all time in a very few years from now, when the relative cost of energy has doubled again so invest now with Custombuilt Joinery Limited wooden window manufacturers and manufacturing joiners across Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland.

Window Manufacturers Wooden Windows the Natural Insulator

How to eliminate the 'cold bridge' A cold bridge occurs when a heat conducting material such as steel or even worse, aluminium, is used for components such as windows or door frames (which perforate the external insulated walls of a building). The heat on the inside in conducted directly to the outside of the building through the frame causing a lowering of the inside air temperature, substantial heat loss and the likelihood of condensation occurring on the frame and sash members.

With the frame accounting for about 20% of the surface area of the window, the heat lost and discomfort caused cold bridges is very significant and should be avoided in all heated buildings to eliminate these problems simply use Custombuilt Joinery Limited sash window manufacturers and for all your joinery in Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland.

Factory pre finishing windows and doors paint or wood staining is a vital part of the service that Custombuilt Joinery Limited provides in a wide range of coloures and finishes. Custombuilt Joinery Limited provide a full fitting service for their timber sash windows across Glasgow Edinburgh Scotland.

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