Heritage Vertical Sliding PVC-U Sash Windows

Being manufacturing joiners and having modern technology and craftsmanship means you get precise fitting vertical sliding windows with all the nostalgia of a bygone age, but with none of the maintenance.

Noise, weather and draughts are all kept at bay by the full double glazing and weather seal system and built in tilt facilities means the windows can be cleaned in safety from inside the house, so avoiding the need for dangerous ladders and footprints in the flowerbeds!

A traditional look doesn't have to mean traditional security, far from it these vertical sliding windows boast the vary latest in key locks as well as adjustable restrictors and limit stops which limit aperture opening while still permitting ventilation.

Tradition detailing with deep bottom rail, slim sashes and option Georgian bar modern PVC-U technology and craftsmanship means on painting is necessary and maintenance in almost zero.

Full double glazing for improved thermal installation, lower fuel bills and an end to excess noise intrusion from outside. Security comes in the form of the latest key locks and shoots bolts. Classic style brass catches and option decorative horns replicate traditional aesthetics to complete the effect.

Well counterbalanced windows means no more sticking, jamming or slipping. Secure ventilation with adjustable restrictors and limit stops aperture opening. Built in tilt facility allows window cleaning from outside the house Meets BBA and BSI.

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